Should I worry?

Evening all, I just freaked out a little and wanted some advice. I’m 2.5 years after a radical hysterectomy, me and hubby did the deed tonight and I had lots of pink on wiping after, I haven’t had any spotting since my surgery at all so it’s scared me a bit! It wasn’t rough or vigorous sex or anything either so that’s worrying me more, should I just wait to see if it happens next time or speak to a doctor? My last check up was the beginning of October and was just a quick internal, and doc said it felt normal… Thanks in advance

Hi Rebecca :-)

It doesn't sound sinister. Are you sure it didn't come from him? That's a possibility too. In your shoes I'd wait to see if it happens again but that's just the way I am. If you are concerned at all then pop in to see your doc.

Be lucky :-)