Should I start trying for a baby now in case?

I’m under conservative management (watch and wait) for CIN2

If it doesn’t go, I will have to have treatment which I’ve been told leads to complications with fertility :frowning:

I am panicking now.
Should I just start trying for a baby in case I can’t have one later?

I’m so confused.


if you need an excuse to have a baby other then you just want to then I think this is a good one! :)

Hi Emclaire!

I'm in your same situation, but I'm 33 years old. Guess you are younger if they do wait and watch with you?

Have you asked your dr about getting pregnant with cin 2? I have an appointment with mine next week and I'll discuss this with him.

I have one small lession cin 2.

Please let me know if you talk about this with your doctor. Most opinions I've read say that leep should be done first, but I'm super worried about fertility issues, preterm, stenosis, and reocurrence of the lession!