Should I pull the appointment forward

Hi, I’m not sure if I am in the right place but I’m hoping to find some advice.

I’ve posted in the past due to spotting. I saw a gynae in March and had an ultrasound and was told by the doctor that my cervix looked “perfect”. He suggested changing my coil from a copper to a mirena to help with spotting which I have done. I have in the past had Cervical Ectropian which was first diagnosed when I was pregnant with my daughter and then flared up again in January last year. I get the odd bit of spotting which I have now put down to the coil as I don’t have a normal cycle now so I wonder if it’s my body trying to give me a period.

However over Christmas I bled after sex. We only did it once (I’ve been scared to do it again if I’m honest!) but it was more than just spotting as it went through my PJs. I then spotted for a few days after. My smears are up to date (next one due in November this year) and have always been normal.

I’ve booked an appointment with the GP for the end of this month (next routine appointment) I’m scared to have sex again but wonder if maybe I should to see if it is that which triggers the bleed or if I was maybe due on and it was just coincidental.

I know that no-one can tell me what it is but my question is should I try and get an earlier appointment, would you if it was you?


I would if it is worrying you. Im going through the same just now where I had some bleeding after sex but thought it might be due to it being around the time of my period. I was scared to have sex again but did as I wanted to see if that was why, turns out its not as I bled again. I have a dr appt for Monday.

There is no point in delaying it as if you are like me it will just play on your mind otherwise x

Thank you - getting an appointment is always a struggle with work, childcare and just generally getting an appointment as our surgey is overstretched. I always worry that I'm wasting their time as I do struggle from health anxiety but with physical symptoms I guess I can't ignore it. My husband is trying to reassure me by saying it's been looked at recently but that doesn't always help! 

I completely understand that. However I dont know any decent Dr that wouldnt rather see someone who is being cautious around physical symptoms as opposed to someone that has them and does nothing about it. Its always best to be safe than sorry and absolute worst case scenario you give yourself a better chance to get rid of anything unwelcome. Get it booked and put your mind at rest, let us know how you get on x