Should I of had the colposcopy?

Hiya everyone x

I’m December i received a letter stating i had a colposcopy booked for February. Then I got a letter through post to book my annual smear. In December I went for my yearly smear test (abnormal smear in February 2016).

The results came back normal.

So I went to my pre booked colposcopy appointment last week. I went & sat down with the Dr.
She explained the proccess. Then I showed her my results letter from the smear.
She said oh you don’t need a colposcopy as they wouldn’t be able to see anything due to having a normal smear result.
I asked her about what strain was present from my abnormal smear Feb 2016 she said it was a high HPV strain.
I told the Dr I’d like to settle & have children in the future & she told me to go for it.

I’m still second guessing myself though. Yes the Dr said I didn’t need a colposcopy but part of me is thinking maybe I should of asked to go ahead with the colposcopy regardless of the normal smear result.

Has anyone had a similar experience?.
Should I ring up the hospital & request one?.

I’m due for my next smear at the same time this year (due to last year’s abnormal result) via Gp.

I know I’m proberley just over thinking & worrying but part of me is saying I should of gone for it.

Hiya sweetie900

Fabulous news that your smear came back normal!  If the changes are only CIN1 then, as I understand it, they can put themselves right sometimes, so it looks like that's what might have happened.

If you're still worried, then why not ring and ask to speak to the colposcopist to get their advice?  I'm sure they'd be happy to talk you through it.

Really great that they're keeping an eye on you annually - make sure you keep going for the screening, it's such a fabulous service!  There aren't many cancers that can be prevented but CC is one of them happily!

Wishing you well. xxxx

Hiya Fionajane x


Thank you so much for your reply. They found CIN1 in February 2016 & HPV. The Dr in February 2016 told me it should go away on its own. I spoke to the Dr at the appointment (February 2017) about what strain of Hpv it was and she said on my smear it showed a high strain on Hpv. But because my smear came back normal they wouldn't be able to see anything. I need to book a smear in December 2017 as they'd like to keep an eye on me.


I asked a few questions at the appointment last week & one was settling down & the Dr said go for it.

So hopefully in a couple of months might settle down but who knows  xxxx but the smear is still goin to be on my mind though xx