Should I know more?

Hi I just wondered if anybody could offer me any advice. I was treated for high grade cgin early March with lletz. I didn’t hear anything for about 5 weeks so chased up the hospital. I was then told my results had been referred to the MDT meeting at the end of April.
Early May I rang for an update and was told the results were sent back to histology for further analysis. I contacted the hospital this week which is 11 weeks since my treatment to be told I needed further treatment and they are over booking to fit me in next week.
At no point has anybody told me any detail about why my results have taken so long nor have I been told what treatment will be involved next week. I assume a second lletz but I am only guessing. Im frustrated at the lack of information.
Anyone been through anything similar?the hospital are reluctant to tell me anything over the phone and the letter I got in the post today is just an appointment letter with no detail

Hi, kerry

yoour story sounds similar to mine, I had treatment for LLETZ on the 31 st March then my results went to the MDT meeting in the 11 may all I know so far is that there apparently us a letter in its way for a meeting with the consultant as I need more treatment after my LlLETZ confirmed CGIN cin2&3. 

I still have no idea what treatment I will need or what my options are, feeling very overwhelmed by it all.

plemade let me know how you are, this site has given me lots of support and at times have been very informative when I have asked questions


big hugs 

Kerry X