Should I go private?

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with boarderline cell changes and HPV and I received my Colposcopy refferal for 4 weeks time.  I have been having spotting between periods so I am worried, even though the cell changes are boarderline.


I have private health through my company and I wondering if it is worth using this to speed things up, or will it not make any difference.  it will be interesting to hear other people's thought's on this, who have been in a similar situation.


Thanks, Tracey


im sorry to hear your recent results. 4 weeks is pretty quick for the nhs, i have waited 6 weeks before with CIN 3 and im hpv positive.

waiting is the hardest part i think for all women regardless of results.



I was recently in the same situation, but when I checked my BUPA it doesn't cover "routine screening" so I just stuck with the NHS.  The hardest part is the waiting, but in honesty for borderline changes I think I'd just wait for the NHS appointment.  Mine were high grade, but still dealt with by the NHS all in the one colp. appointment. Once you're in the NHS system, the treatment (in my experience) is absolutely fantastic. 

Good luck and try not to worry (easier said than done I know) as you're in good hands.  While scary for us, the experts deal with this day in day out.