Should I go and see my GP

Getting the first letter through at the beginning of the year was very unexpected. I had almost forgotten I had the smear. The colopscopy appointment went well and following lletz treatment for cin3 they were happy they got clear margins. Went back for a follow up smear 6 months later and I wasnt least bit surprised to get abnormal changes... I'm still waiting to get appointment through.

After the normal post lletz bleeding I was fine. However I have always bled just after or the day after having sex. Not much  mostly spotting. I have been on the implant and have only had the occasional period.. Maybe 1 post lletz. 7 weeks ago I ended up taking a pregnancy test because my breasts felt really tender and I was having some period pains.. with no period. Again this week I am having the same symptoms. Stomach cramps like I'm just about to come on... with nothing. My appointment should come any day now.. bit I'm not sure wether to go and see gp or wait. Have any of you had similar problems?. I wonder if I am just more aware of what my body is doing lately? TIA