should I be worrying now? tmi alert

Hello lovely ladies. This contains tmi but I dont know where else to go.

Im due to have my lletz next week after recently finding out after a punch biposy that I have hr hpv and cin3

I have since had a worsening of a problem I didnt think was linked but now im worrying like crazy.

Before my smear I had some swabs done (for the second time) because I have a very strange discharge. Its been brown but has now

Turned yellow/clear but mucusy with blood streaks in it and an awful smell (like rotting meat). Im so sorry.

All tests have come back negative. All blood tests have came back showing nothing too.

I go so worried I called my dr who said the two cant possibly be linked but I dont trust him.

I also asked what the likely hood oftmy lletz coming back showing signs of cancer after the biposy showed none

And his reply was "that wont happen to you. It onlt happens to really sick people with no emune system. Like drug users and such"

Im freaking out. I know hes given me a bs load of information there.

Ve already had a shed load of antibiotics and the two swabs and bloos tests and now he wants me to have more swabs and blood tests.

So what I want to know is this: are the linked? Could the biposy have missed part of a cc? Could it of progressed since I have my biposy in december?

Sorry again for the detail. I'm just so upset that I dont trust my dr :(


Hey,  I cant really give you any answers to your questions I'm sorry :( but it does all sound super strange!! I wouldn't trust the doctor either I dont think.

Is there any chance you can see a different doctor to raise your concerns?? 

The extremely bad smell sounds like a bad infection to me?! i would see a different doctor ASAP.

Mistakes and things being overlooked can always happen even if its rare.

I hope you get some answers soon! xxx


thanks stefdi.

i have had courses of anti biotics and the two seperate swabs so i just dont understand it :(

i know i only have a few more days to go for my lletz and i should just wait on it but its just stresing me out.

im booked in for tuesday for more swabs and tests. then lletz on thursday

I think your GP is giving you pretty rubbish and inaccurate info. First off I’d change GP. Mention it at your lletz appointment but there is also a service on here where you can ‘ask an expert’ so I’d be inclined to do that. Good luck xx

agreed, definately change GP. I can relate to feeling stressed out, its all very confusing enough without complication.

Before the LLETZ they will have a chat with you, id mention your concerns about your GP and the info he gave you then, they are the experts... in the end of the day a GP is a GENERAL Practisioner they dont know everything and thats ok but then they should refer to experts, my GP is really good that way she doesnt mind admitting that shes not an expert at everything.

Id try the ask an expert chat as well.

good luck with everything xxx