Should I be worried?

Hello ladies, I'm pretty new to this, and this is my first ever post. 

I'll start with a brief backgroud of as to why I am here. 


I'm 24 years old, I recieved a letter inviting me to my first smear test, this was a few months ago. My first smear was for the 16th of July.

I attended and the nurse explaned that they send letters now about 6 months before a girl turns 25 to make sure everyone is seen for a smear. I was 

a little worried about my smear, but had it done, wasn't so bad and I went home and put it all to the back of my mind, because silly enough I never expected the results to be bad... Well... I got my letter saying I got high-grade dyskaryosis!! I panicked and I got upset but had people to just say not to worry, as I had to attened a colposcopy appointment. So, I never thought nothing of it.


I had my appointment on the 12th of August where they said that the cells where a possible invation!! The dreaded 'C' word!! )= The colposcopy went well and I had the loop excision then, and got told I'd wait abotu 4 weeks for my results by post, if I get a call sooner then that's the only tme where they could of found something. I left thinking that I should be fne now, they cut that nasty bit out... I worried though, and after a week, two weeks and on to the thirst week, i kept calling the hospital or doctors to see if they heard back. Nope, nothing.


The 3rd of this month I rang my doctors and they said they've  not heard nothing new yet and that i'd more than likely hear something back before they do. So, I rang the hospital to see if they hear anything. they say thy don't give results out over the phone, but if it's been 3 weeks already and i've heard nothing then no news is good news really because if they of found anything then I'd be called by now. So, I thought fair enough! Everything must be okay then, so I relaxed.


I had a follow up appointment made for me for the 12th of February if all is well. but, yesterday I recieved a text message on my phone to say i have a hospital appointment for the 11th of this month, September! I rang the hospital and they said it's a follow up about my colposcopy appointment. I told them i have that on the 12th of February, but they said that appointment has been cancelled now. They put me through to colposcopy to see if they can tell m more. colposcopy told me that this appointment is to discuss my results. They can't say over the phone, but i'll need to come in and that I will need further treatment! My appointment was then cancelled for Friday and brought forward for this Monday!! )= 


So, that's it, really! Sorry for the long post, but I was just wondering what it could mean? )= I've tried to stay so positive over everything and try not worry too much but, not going to lie I'm bricking it now )=


Thank you for reading xx

Hey hun, the waiting and uncertainty is awful isn't it. Try to stay calm, it could be anything, most likely that the margins weren't clear and they need to do the same thing again. As theyv mentioned a possible invasion I wouldn't rule that out, but if that is the case it's likely to be very early stages like mine in which case it's very easily treated. Let us know how your appointment goes. Keep yourself busy and don't let it scare you, whatever happens somebody on here will have gone through the same thing and can reassure you. Xxx

Thank you, Jojo84. (= I went today and i was diognosed with cancer 1a1 in a few of small places. )= I go back on Tuesday for my pre op and then i wait about 4 weeks i think to get seen to. I got told with it being so soon after the Colposcopy and biopsy, they wanted to wait for my cervix to of completely healed so they wouldn't take any more than needed and it wouldn't just crumble away when they take the other bits out! Which sounded nasty! D= I was at the hospital at the time you replied, I wish I seen this sooner because with not knowing or expecting anything, idk what I was expecting, but I had to go through it again so i could process it all )= 
There are bright sides! It can easily be treated and it's only early stages, so hopefully when they get it all then that's it, it's all gone (= And i'm 24, 25 in December so imagine if I had to wait until after I turned 25! It would of been a different story! ;O So I got to look at it as a good thing (=
Thank you for your kinds words, I have the pre op to look forward to now! Needles and X-rays! sounds daunting, lol xxxx

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it sounds like you will have a similar journey to me :) I had my smear 2 days before my 25th birthday and was diagnosed with 1a1. I felt the same way as you when i found out, and somehow managed to hold it together focussing on the fact that it's a good thing they found it so early! Have they told you what it is they're going to do next? I had a cold knife cone biopsy under general anaesthetic and have written a post about my experience, if you're having the same it might be worth a read so you know what to expect, it was a walk in the park compared to what i was expecting. It may be different for you as i think different hospitals do it differently, but at my preop i only had my blood pressure, height, weight, and a couple of swabs taken, no needles or xrays. I was also given a chance to ask as many questions as i wanted so take a list with you. Keep in touch, stay positive and i'm here if you have any questions or anything. xxx

Thank you! And from reading yor post it does sound similar! I'll read your post, to (= give me a better understanding to what could be in store for me! (= 
i don't know any questions, i can't think! I got told bloods and x rays would be done by a McMillan nurse, but i guess i will see when I get there just in case i don't have them, either (=
I got told it'll be anther loop excition that I'll need done but under local anistetic so will be like what I had done when I first went to the Colcoscopy appointment! i'm guessing, lol! What's a cold knife cone biopsy? Ah, i had a diagram and the letter but left in my dad's car! I asked them to explain again for me to get my head around, because I couldn't take it in )= What's the swabs they take? Down there swabs?! ah, now I'm full of questions, lol! i've not even stopped to think tbh xx

That's good if you get blood and X-ray's, I had hoped I'd get them for extra peace of mind but I didn't. At least you know exactly what to expect then with the same procedure again, no surprises and should be over nice and quickly too if it's under local. Cone biopsy is very similar to loop excision but they use a scalpel instead of burning the cells. I had that because they wanted to take quite a large area which is also why I was put to sleep. The swabs were just like a cotton bud she rubbed it on my cheek and my thigh, nothing any more intimate than that. Good luck on Tuesday :). Xxx

So sorry to hear about both your experiences. How are youz getting on? I had a biopsy August 2014 with results cin1, biopsy February 2015 with results cin1, then biopsy August 2015 with results cin3. Im currently waiting for an appointment for loop treatment. Nurse said on the phone that my cin3 is severe and causes a serious risk. I'm very worried and scared But reading your posts has really helped.