Should i be worried?


i was recently diagnosed with Stage 1a1 cancer after my LLETZ, all removed in the procedure apparently. I went away happy as the doctor said the percentage of cancer being found in the cells after the LLETZ was so small. Two weeks after my procedure i get a call asking to go back to see the consultant the next day, obviously you immediately think the worst! I have been reading this forum since i found out i had abnormal cells which it helped me prepare massively as each story is different and gives you hope that its something you can deal with and move on from. I got home that night and had 2 appointment letters waiting for me, MRI (which is today) and a CT scan tomorrow, i started to worry even more as there was no letter or explanation why. So my husband and I went to see the consultant, who said they removed the cancerous cells during my LLETZ and the tumor was no bigger than a pencil point, i do however had CIN 1 on the outside of my cervix which is likely to need more surgery. Which is fine,  but should i be worried that i am having the scans before a cone biopsy, if like they say they removed my tumour during the last procedure?? I was given my own nurse and a macmillan cancer pack, so i cant help thinking there is something they arent telling me......

Anyone gone through the same kind of thing? I've just been called to the hospital for a blood test, is this normal? 

Hello :slight_smile:
I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 in May last year also following a Lletz.
I was told that they’d probably got all of the cancer… It was 1mm by 2mm but a couple of areas… I was told I would need more surgery to make sure I had clear margins… They like to be sure, which is good :slight_smile:
I went for an MRI to make sure there was ‘no spread’
It’s quite normal to have some kind of scan.
I had the nurse assigned to me and the cancer pack! And that made it all abit scary… Like you I thought if you’ve got it all why are you giving me all this!?
But like I said they like a clear margin… And also I had CIN 3 surrounding so they wanted to get rid of it all.
Please feel free to message me with any questions… Sorry if this was abit rambly!

Take care
Em xx

Hi Em,

Thanks for replying :-) just a quick question, did you have to go for a blood test? I got called this morning and had to go in asap!

I do know i have CIN 1 on the outside of my cervix and will probably need a cone biopsy but an MRI today and a CT tomorrow feels a bit crazy but hopefully they come back clear!

How do you feel after your surgery? Did they explain the side effects? Sorry for all the questions, me and my husband were thinking of starting a family this year but that plan seems to be out of the window at the moment! Only been married 9 months too!

Trudy xx

That’s ok! Ask all the questions you like! I think I must of asked about a million on here in the last 9 months!
I had a blood test. And also a chest xray aswell. It all seems abit daunting but they’re just making sure! :slight_smile: … All of mine came back clear.

It’s taken me a while to feel back to myself to be honest but now I think I’m there! I’m back running and doing everything I did before! I don’t have any side effects that I can think of. Sometimes sex is abit uncomfortable … But only at the beginning (sorry to be graphic!)

I had never begun to think about the family side of things but now my priorities have changed a little… Maybe babies before marriage?! But I don’t know.

Take care and ask away :slight_smile: x

Hi Em,

Thanks for answering my questions, MRI & CT scan went well although i have about 10 needle wounds! They couldnt find a vein for a while lol.

I am expecting a call today with the next step, i am quite surprised that it is moving this quickly which is what is making me suspicious but i suppose you cant knock them for pushing it through quickly.

Yeah i guess it will take a few months to feel back to normal, i am looking forward to it being over i must admit. Were finding it tough, we havent even told our parents yet and  I am considering not telling them at all to be honest.

I am actually a little scared about having sex again to be honest, after the colpscopy appointments and the surgery the thought of anything makes my body tense up! Feel sorry for my hubby though hes been 5 weeks without it already! lol

Im glad that you are starting to get back to normal, babies before marriage isnt that bad ;-) especially when you have been through all this!

Thanks for chatting its good to speak to someone who has been through the same thing, i have heard 'yeah my friend had that' and it would be annoying because they hadnt actually been through it and unless you have you dont really know how it is. If you know what i mean :-) xx

I was told i had CIN 2 in 2008, had LLETZ, 3 weeks later was told it was stage 1A cervical cancer, was told didn't require any further treatment as they were confident they'd got it all...been having yearly smears since 2008, all have been coming back negative...still was having problems all these years which got worse, they eventually referred me back to gynae last year(2013) hhad biopsy of lining of womb, ultrasound & colposcopy, all were clear, so imagine my shcock when in Nov 2013 i had a total hysterectomy and 2 weeks later was told they'd found stage 1B1 cervical cancer...for 5yr mine has went undiagnosed, was referred to oncology at another hospital where i underwent another operation to remove lymph nodes, fatty tissue where cervix was & vaginal basically i've had a radical hysterectomy but in 2 operations within 7 weeks of each other...oncology doctor said he'd seen nothing like it, they now looking at my smears over the last ten year to see why it wasn't deteced, you don't just go from having clear smears & nothing showing up on colposcopy to having stage 1B1 cancer, if i hadn't suggested that i wish they would do a hysterectomy it would have been too late for me...oncology doctor seems to think it wasn't clear from 5yr cancer was found after my second operation, no further treatment was required, long term follow ups every 3 monthx