Should I be worried??

Hi everyone,


I had a colposcopy and LLetz done under GA last Monday (4/11) and received a letter yesterday for an outpatients appointment. Should I be worried that I have receieved the letter already? The date of the appt isn't until New Year's Eve so that has put my mind at rest a bit, but still getting the letter exactly one week after the procedure has got me a bit rattled! 

Has anybody else had this?


Kel x


I think worry comes naturally so youl worry regardless! I think we all do. 

Your appointment to me sounds like a normal follow up to check all is healed well & by then your results should also be in so you should be able to discuss the findings & what follow up care you need as in more regular smears etc. 

You are always perfectlt fine to ring up & ask what the appointment is for. They won't mind atal. 

Hope your treatment went well & your feeling ok.