Should I be worried?

Hi, I had my smear test in June of last year, and received the results in October - CIN 3. About 3 weeks later, I was called to the Colposcopy clinic where a nurse told me that I couldn't have treatment that day, because the mass was too large and I needed to have LLETZ under general anaesthetic. I have not had any biopsies to date, she just confirmed that CIN 3 was accurate. I have now been waiting 3 months for my LLETZ appointment and have been told it could be another few months. 

I am worried that the cells could have been changing after my previous smear 4 years ago now. Am I right to be worried? 

Hi. That doesn't sound right. I may be wrong but I don't think a smear test can pick up CIN1/2/3, just abnormal cells.

I had my smear in December and that showed abnormal cells, I had my coloscopy/biopsy in January, which revealed CIN2, then I had my Lletz three days ago.

I'd be getting in touch with someone to see where your appointment is x

When the smear test results came back (ours in Ireland, are sent to the USA!) they read CIN 3 and said I had to make an appt with Colposcopy. I expected to have treatment & a biopsy done at my colposcopy appt, but instead she said that she couldn't treat the cells as the mass was too large, and that it was CIN 3. I thought that CIN 3 could only be confirmed by biopsy. Anyway, that was on 1st November, and after my GP & I calling the colposcopy clinic numerous times, I still have not been called back for treatment. They only hold these lletz clinics one day a month is what I've been told. 

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