Should I Be Worried? - HPV Elsewhere?

Hi, everyone.

This past January, I was told I have high-risk HPV. I had a colposcopy and a biopsy, and thank goodness, there was an absence of dysplasia and everything was normal.

Since then, I had anal sex twice (with the same partner). Now, I suddenly have this paranoia that I will get anal cancer. 

Does anyone have experience with these feelings, and have had any reassurance from doctors? I know there's a chance I didn't even have HPV anymore at the time I had sex, and it is a good sign that my colposcopy did not need any surgery afterwards. I think I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and would just like to hear any reassurance or words of wisdom. 

I am young, eat healthy and exercise, have never smoked, hardly drink, and I am not taking oral contraceptives (all of which I know can assist in getting rid of HPV, but I have always led this lifestyle).

Thank you in advance!

I am 26 and I’ve got the same problem. Ive Had anal sex with my boyfriend too and all these happened before HPV diagnosis came. Well the rule of thumb is that if you have HPV positive vaginally then most probably you will be HPV positive in the anus especially that you e had anal sex. I just recently took a referral form from my GP to Homerton Anal Neoplasia Services to get an anal swab and check up. I am very scared. I know it will turn out positive but I’m hoping there’s no dysplasia going on. I feel like my life has ended . I am also having suicidal ideations . Anal cancer is so scary debilitating and depressing. I am not ready for it.  

Hi. I am in this same situation :(


I know this was posted years ago but was hoping I could talk to you. Did you end up testing positive? I'm so upset and scared 

Hi Heartbroken_

I have also been diagnosed with CIN3 glandular involment, possibly AIS.

Did you see the oncologist in October 2020? How are you doing?