Should I be worried about results?

I visited the doctor last week about bleeding between periods, pelvic pain and toilet issues. As I was overdue my smear (by a year, no invitation sent, presume due to covid) she arranged for me to have a smear last week. I got a call a few days later to arrange another appointment to go over the results.

Obviously I’m now assuming the worse as she said I would just wait for results by post if all was good. I think normally I wouldn’t be so worried but the fact I had a couple of symptoms as well as being overdue my test is really playing on my mind.

I haven’t told anyone either as I just don’t know who to speak to that wouldn’t also worry (husband is a terrible worrier as is my mum). I was with friends yesterday and didn’t say anything as just felt silly and over dramatic.

So guess I’m just here for a handhold and to vent my worries. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for reading.

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Hello! Just thought id jump on and say welcome and hope youre doing ok at the moment as no one else has responded. Dont ever think you are being over dramatic with health concerns like this ! Its definitely a scary process no matter what the news. It can feel like a long wait . So if you need vent on here please do . I hope youre doing ok !

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Hi. Hope you are doing ok… I have waited 12 weeks for my result. Longest wait I’ve had. To go for a colposcopy next week! It doesn’t help when they tell you not to worry does it. :crossed_fingers:for you. Anne x

I just wanted to add that i had an abnormal smear test result some 20 years ago. I had a further investigation and then i went for more regular smears for a while but nothing transpired.
I’m now firmy post menopausal, but recently was diagnosed with cervical polyps.

I’ve had my smear results back this morning:

Abnormal cells
High Risk HPV Positive
Direct referral for colposcopy

I’m 29, I have two children and this is my first ever smear. I’ve been terrible but getting results like this has been the reason why it’s taken me so long to go for the exam.

Has anyone had these results, should I be worried? My anxiety is through the roof and all I can think is that I’m going to die and my children will be without a mummy. It’s morbid, but I already suffer with health anxiety, so this is sending me into meltdown.

Can anyone help with some advice please?

Thank you,

Hi All thanks for replying. Thought I should post an update to say I had my appointment with the doc to find out a swab taken at the same time as smear showed i had thrush, which they treated with a week long course of pessaries! A bit over kill I thought considering I didn’t have any symptoms but guess better safe than sorry. I’ve since received my smear results and they were neg for HPV and only took about 2 weeks to come back! Super quick. I’ve also had a pelvic ultrasound which has shown something but need to wait 4 weeks for a telephone consultation with GP to dicuss the results so assuming it’s nothing serious.

Anne and Beth hope your coloscopies went well if you’ve had them yet.

Hi Beth

So sorry you’re going through this. I know it is hard not to fast forward to worst case scenario. The best advice i was given was to focus on the next appointment, no further. Anything else just causes anxiety and worry, which is pointless. Easier said than done, but this has really served me well. Its only natural to consider all the possible scenarios, but its not helpful when the brain focuses on the worst.

Try to focus on what you do know, not what you don’t. There are plenty of women on here who have the colooscopy, abnormal cells removed and been fine and i really hope that is how its going for you. Do keep us up to date with your progess?

Best wishes

Hi all,

I’ve had my colposcopy today and I don’t think it went well.

Firstly despite reading it was painless, I cried as it hurt that much.

Secondly, they took a biopsy and told me it’d be a 3/4 week wait for results.

I’ve been waiting since April for my colposcopy appointment so I was taken back that I’d have to wait another four weeks so I requested to speak to the doctor after my appointment.

He was quite rude and I didn’t feel comfortable but I proceeded to ask him for an update on how it went as I didn’t get the everything is ok at the end of the appointment.

He said he couldn’t say much as my biopsy had to go to the lab to be checked, so I asked if anything looked out of the ordinary. He mentioned possible lesions but he couldn’t advise of the severity. CIN & High grade lesions were mentioned also.

Any advice from anyone? All I’m thinking right now is the worst. There’s clearly something he’s seen but he wouldn’t tell me.


Hey, sorry to jump on this thread - just wondered if you’d had any update or results yet?

I’m due for colposcopy in 2weeks after my smear came back with low grade (mild) changes and i’m sooo scared when i go there going to tell me it’s much worse than this. I too suffer with serious health anxiety (i have 3 children, only just recently had my 3rd) and i can’t get those dark thoughts out of my head about something bad happening to me!

I really wish you all the best - I do think if they had seen something seriously wrong he would have mentioned for sure! not that i have any experience with this yet, but i’ve seen some other threads that have said they got an idea at the end of the appointment if it was something really sinister or not. As you say the waiting and the unknown until you receive the results has to be the worst part! Do let me know when you get your results🙂

Hi. Yes had a good result from my test. Because of my age(64) I had a return appointment last week. Didn’t really know what for but they did another colonoscopy! Different doctor and not as gentle! Another 4 weeks to wait on results. Not as worried this time as no cancer was found last time and doctor reassured me it was because of my age to make sure they had caught it all. Hopefully that’s it! Really think more needs to be explained to women.