Should I be put back to 3 yearly smears after abnormal cells and hpv positive.

Hi I am new to this forum so not sure how it works. I am 31 year old and due my 3rd smear in December which I am really anxious about. My first smear I had mild changes and hpv they told me they would leave them as they can change back to normal 3 years later at the age of 28 I had another smear which showed high grade changes and hpv positive I had the lletz to remove the cells and a follow up 6 month later that showed all cells where removed but still hpv positive. They put me back to 3 yearly smears which I am due soon but with having hpv still showing 3 year ago should I not of had yearly check ups or is this normal? I have recently just lost my sister at the age of 38 due to cervical cancer she only lasted 14 month from being diagnosed so you can see why I am really anxious about this. I am scared they have got mixed up and I should of been seen yearly. Thank you 


I'm so sorry you lost your sister to this horrible disease; it can cause a lot of anxiety even without the experience you've been through.

The cervical screening programme is always under review and changes are made from time to time.  I'm not sure what the policy was 3 years ago, in terms of follow up with your type of result, they may be have been different to what they are now.  I am interested, on account of my own experience, but it's not always easy to keep up with everything especially as a layman.  To get a reliable answer It might be best if you put your question to 'Ask The Expert' on this website:

It's probably worth mentioning whereabouts in the country (assuming UK) you are e.g. England, Scotland -  I'm not sure but believe the policies may vary betwen regions.