Should I be off work?

Hi All

Just had colposcopy and LLETZ on Friday: now Wednesday and feeling totally exhausted (I know some of you have experienced this). Had grade 3 CIN and waiting for results. Went into work on Monday and have really struggled to stay awake ever since! Don't think I have infection as no temperature, just feels uncomfortable like thrush. Should I be at work - or am i being a drama queen?

Thoughts welcome! 

If you are in a position to take some time off listen to your body & give yourself a couple more days off work to recuperate, especially if you have a job where you don't get to sit down as just standing for long periods of time can be quite draining - definitely avoid any heavy lifting for 4 weeks.  If you have any concerns at all about how well you are healing contact your GP, that's what they are for!  Good luck for your results *hug*.


I agree, listen to your body and take some more time off if you need it. I  found the whole experience and all the worrying very emotionally draining. It takes a while to get over. Don't rush about like I did, it makes it worse. Wish you the best. Good luck with your results.