Should I be more worried???

Hello! Just to give you a quick outline. I'm 37, two kids, married for 14 years (happily) 4 years ago I had abnormal bleeding smear was normal and it was due to cervical erosion, that needed treatment, which worked. Fast forward 3 & a half years, and the bleeding starts again, after intercourse and occasional spotting. I thought the erosion was back, and I've had every intention to get it sorted. My smear was due in July, finally get around to it 13th October. I told the nurse, and once she performed the smear she told me there were no signs of erosion. This didn't concern me. Last week I got a letter saying I've got high grade dyskarosis, and need a colposcopy. a couple of days later I received my appointment for next Tuesday. However one of my GP's secretary's rang me on Tuesday, as my doctor had requested she chased up my colposcopy and ensured I knew it was booked, so she was checking I had received the letter!? Why? Surely everybody doesn't get this treatment? So I'm even more worried :( 

Hi Yazz,

Sounds to me that waiting lists for appointments are incredibly long and it would be really silly to waste one. I think your Doctor's secretary is just making sure that nobody wastes anybody's time. Being worried about stuff is very personal and doesn't achieve anything, so "Should you be more worried?" No, you shouldn't. Do the doctors want a closer look at your high grade dyskarosis? Yes they do.

Be lucky



thanks for the reassurance. The waiting list hasn't been that long at all. 3 weeks from smear to colposcopy isn't bad at all really. It was more how she said Dr Wain had asked her to chase my appointment, and confirm I was aware. I find it worrying as I can't imagine everybody gets the same phone call. So then my mind starts running away with the reasons, why this would happen. Alas it's my colposcopy tomorrow. Do you know wether it can be confirmed either way tomorrow? Or is it more waiting? thank you xx