Should I be concerned? Advice greatly appreciated

Hi, I would appreciate any advice that anyone could give me regarding my symptoms and timescales regarding seeing a Dr.

I have been experiencing bleeding after intercourse for a few months now, generally a week to 10 days following a period.  My periods are very light and only last a couple of days so I believe this bleeding is separate to having a longer period as there is no need for me to use any tampons/towels prior to having intercourse.  The blood seems to be pink/red fresh blood and there is quite a lot of it.   I have also for the past week to 10 days have had constact ache in my lower back,  it doesn't feel like a pulled muscle, it is a dull ache which never seems to let up.  I have also noticed a few twinges/stabbing pains in my right leg which travel down to my ankle but this is only fleeting and not very often.   I have some pelvic pain, this can be like period pain or stabbing pains, this comes and goes and is not constant like my back but everyday I do have pain in my pelvic area just not constant.   The last time I had intercourse I noticed that at times, it was a little uncomfortable, like my partner had hit something inside - it wasn't uncomfortable all the way through just caused the odd sharp intake of breath.  I have been having issues for over a year now of reoccuring bladder infections and have had a cystoscopy and biopsies taken which came back negative.   When I go to the toilet, 100%  of the time, it hurts at the tail end of urinating.  I also have a lot of feeling 'inflamed' which I am assuming is in my uretha area which comes and goes  and I would say this happens for part of a day, every week and also my bladder control seems to be deterioating so when I need to go, I literally have to go straight away and can't hold off for very long.     I visited the nurse who took a swab for infection and STI and these have come back negative - she has asked my to have a review withh a female doctor but I cannot get an appointment until 8th September.  With the above symptoms, is this too long to wait?   My last smear was 2 years ago and all was fine, I am 44 and have two children.

thank you to anyone that can give any advice - It might help to put my mind at ease.  

Hi. I am not qualified to give any advice, but i feel that if you have any symptoms which are persisting and are making you feel worried then you should seek medical advice and reassurance as soon as possible. Although the 8th Sept is not that long away, you still have to live with the worry, so if you can get an appointment sooner then it would make sense. I hope all turns out to be nothing of any concern. All the best.

Hiya, if it hurts when you pee it sounds more like a bladder infection rather than an STI. Last time you had sex it might have hurt slightly cos he might have been hitting your cervix and this can cause mild discomfort. Hopefully you can get an appointment sooner so good luck!

Thank you for your replies.  I'm hoping it's all nothing and easily resolved . I don't feel like it's a UTI as I have had so many I am fairly familiar with how they feel but hopefully the doctor will be able to clarify things next week x