Should have my results tomorrow...more worried than ever

Hi everyone,


hope your all doing ok & are coping with all the worry.


i phoned my consultants secretary today because I am so anxious....I didn't expect her  be able to help but thought I'd try & see if she could tell me anything.


i explained how worried i am & she looked & said my lletz histology results are back & in the consultants tray to read & that she couldn't tell me results today as they are not trained to interpret results  but he would be dictating letters tomorrow after his clinic so would be able to call me once he had dictated his results letter to me & let me know results. I'm am relieved they are back & waiting will soon be over but also massively concerned about the outcome. I hope they call early, I will be a wreck all day!!


Thinking of you all xxx

good luck for tomorrow! xxxxx

Good luck xxx

Good luck today xxx

Hope your okay xxx

how did it go? been thinking of you xx

so sorry it has taken me so long to reply...didn't get my results til yesterday in the end & tried to post last night but my phone battery went & I couldn't do it!my consultant letter apparently says...that he has completely removed the affected area & results were consistent with my smear result. I'm guessing this means cin3 with clear margins as I have been advised to see my gp in 6 months for smear. To say I'm relieved is an understatement but I am thinking of you all especially boop & thankyou have been amazing & I really hope your outcomes are good..this is an awful time with so much uncertainty & the stress & emotional impact is huge...I am now bleeding very heavily 14 days post treatment &  feeling very drained but extremely lucky. Hugs to all you amazingly strong ladies...xxxx

Excellent news :) xxx