Short Cervix post LLETZ

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. Sorry if this post is a bit rambly!

So I had a LLETZ procedure for CIN2 in May 2016. Straightforward recovery and then in October 2016 I had a normal smear with no HPV. Obviously I’m thrilled that it’s normal and I don’t have to go back again for three years.

I’ve been experiencing pain in my cervix during sex and it’s getting really uncomfortable. So I went to the GP today to get checked over and she said everything down below looked healthy. But when she found my cervix she said it looked very short. It was the first thing she commented on and she seemed surprised.

About a month after I had the LLETZ I felt my cervix and was really surprised by how different it felt compared to before. Externally it only feels about 2cm long.

The doctor who did my LLETZ said she was going to only take a small amount of my cervix off as it was only CIN2, however I saw what she removed (medical curiosity) and it looked like A LOT! It was just the look on my GPs face that scared me a bit, she looked really surprised by it and said that there’s “very little protruding”. I just wonder if the doctor may have accidentally removed too much.

I’ve been brooding over it all day and I’ve got myself quite upset. I’m worried that my cervix is going to cause problems in pregnancy. And what on earth would I do if my next smear was abnormal? It doesn’t sound like I have much cervix left to take off! :frowning:
Has anyone had a cervical length scan post LLETZ?

Sorry for rambling, I mainly need to write this down just to get it off my chest :frowning: any advice or experiences would be great x