shooting pains - preg and fertility mentioned

Hi all


Ive had hpv for a number of years now and had lletz treatment. Last year i still had hpv and had a colposcopy which showed cin 1 going to the vaginal wall. Biopsies confirmed this.

They said i would just have a regular smear in a year, which is due in june.

Im not sure if its related to hpv but i had an embryo transfer done a month ago (i have fertility issues). When they put the catheter through my cervix it was v painful ( my 2 previous transfers never hurt at all). The embryo sadly didnt stick :-(


 Since then i have had shooting pains up my cervix and vagina. These pains are so painful they take my breath away, but they are not continuous. 


Add to this theres a good chance that for my next transfer later this summer i may have to take steroids to supress my immune system, im feeling like i want someone to have a check "up there" to make sure all is ok... Not just a smear (my smears have always been clear of precancerous cells).. I only got referred back because of hpv test this time.


I went to my gp yesterday to talk about this but she was utterly terrible and told be to make another appointment with another doctor to take some swabs and have a look... Came out crying...she basically didnt want to do it. 


So, do you think i can ask to be referred back to colposcopy? Or at the very least have a smear done (which will prob show hpv) and then get referred? 

Thank you