Shooting pains after chemo

Does any one have any wonder cures for shooting pains in your bones after chemo?

I’m the scheme of things I’m doing great , no sickness no bowel problems or tiredness. But the shooting pains are getting me down.

I called the hospital and they said over the counter pain killers but they aren’t really touching it xx

Maybe ask your doctor about Claritin D. Not regular Claritin. I have heard it can help with chemo bone pain.

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Hi, Sending you healing streams of grace during this time.

I have experienced shooting pains many years after treatment. I went to general physicians, rheumatologists, and neurologists to find the source of the pain. No one could find a physical abnormality so they prescribed Gabapentin which is often prescribed for neuropathy.

I also find healthy food, exercise, meditation, yoga and qigong to be helpful. It’s definitely worse during stressful times which forces me to get back into good self care.