Shocking heavy and smelly discharge one month after large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ)

Hello ladies,

Sorry for the awful subject title but i just had a little accident and I can't even run away from the smell of me. I had treatment for CIN 3 on valentines day last month (yay) and besides cramping and being bed ridden for 5 hours directly after the anaestetic wore off, i'm fortunate to say i've been pretty symptomless.

I continued to do light exercise (yoga and pilates) 2 weeks after the treatment and besides little black bits i wouldn't report that i had much discharge until today. I went swimming this weekend (4-5 weeks after treatment), i was sitting at my computer and passed the most disgusting lumpy dark brown discharge and the smell is horrific. It was alot too..

Is this normal a month on from treatment? How long does it tend to last and is the smell an indicator that something isn't right? What are the typical symptoms of an infection in this instance? I don't have a temperature, besides some light twinges down there on a couple of occassions (unconfortable and weird, not painful) i haven't had any issues really. I am due on in 4-5 days (taking the contraceptive pill) so i wonder if this is an early period. The smell is ghastly though so unusual for me. 

So grateful for this forum x



Hi there,

Dont worry about too much info - I think that is what this forum is for!

Im sorry I cant be more helpful, but im due to have the procedure next week and have been asking LOTS of questions of specialists in the lead up.

It is normal to still be bleeding up to 8 weeks after the procedure (not copiously by the way). Everything I have read and anyone I have spoken to suggests that 'an offensive smell' is something you should definitely consult you doctor about. I would go and get it checked out asap, if its nothing GREAT, if its an infection, theyll give you antibiotics and youll be fine. 

Hope that helps, please let me know how it goes as I could well be in the same boat in a few weeks!


Best wishes



I had the same but only 6 days after treatment, I went to doctor because i was worried that it was an infection as I was completely wiped out and didn’t expect to feel that way. doctor said it was completely normal BUT I would get checked out esoecilly as you’ve been swimming.

i want to thank you for posting that you’ve been doing yoga. I’m just 2 weeks after surgery and am desperate to start stretching out so I’m going to do a light round today 


hope that nasty discharge is easing now for you 

Z x