I had a colposcopy on 10th June and was called in by the consultant yesterday (26th). He said that there is cancer in my cervix and I am likely to need a hysterectomy. Have been told to wait for a ct and MRI scan. 

just feeli g frightene

Hi Ruthie, it is a huge shock to be given such news. I am so sorry that you are going through this at the moment. I was diagnosed a year ago, and came just to check into the forum today and saw your message. Waiting on results is the worst bit, and the stage you are at now seems like the longest. If it is any help, I found it easier once I knew my dates for surgery and I felt ‘something was happening’. The surgery is now a distant memory, hard at the time but well worth all the stress to feel rid of the problem! It feels like your world stops when you are given news like this, it is a long and hard road but on the forums here you will meet so many amazing women who have been through, and going through this to support you. This site was my saviour as regards my sanity!! I’m one year on, fit, healthy and getting on with my life. Stay positive, try and push away the dark thoughts and take each day as it comes. If you need to talk, moan, be angry, there will be people here to help. Best wishes Shauna xxxx

Hi, I was diagnosed on the 14th May with CC, I completely understand how you feel, when my consultant told me he told me all the options including hysterectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, I found this to be the worst time as well, having scans and waiting for results, I am starting my treatments on Monday (5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo), and now I know something’s being done about it now I’m feeling a little less worried.
I know it’s hard not to worry its the not knowing whats going to happen, my consultant has decided against a hysterectomy, I just think they have to tell you all the different options before test results come back, take care, and keep reading the ladies comments on this forum, they helped me over the last 6 weeks.

Hi Both

thank you for responding, i've just had the dates if my scans through (wed) and am due to see the consultant again on Thursday, he assures me that he'll have my results by then.

I've been told that I am a minimum of a 1b, but I assume this will be confirmed on Thursday. This week has been really hard and I am trying to be positive and not read too many things as it just freaks me out! 


Hi Ruthie

So sorry to read what you are going through.  Its a tough, scary time but it does get better once your treatment plan has been decided and you have the date it will start.  I had my hysterectomy last October and I am so different now, I never thought I'd recover as well as I did.

Good luck with your scans and results.  Keep us updated and we'll be here to support you all the way.  I had lots of support from this site and it really does help.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx