Shock or in denial

Hello ladies

I saw my Consultant today who confirmed cc 1b1 and I have a radical hysterectomy booked in for 28th Jan. 


I had a Colposcopy in October, LLETZ and Hysteroscopy under ga in November, confirmed cc and an internal MRI in December and throughout I haven't shed a tear or even had a wobble. It feels like it is all happening to someone else. I'm worried it's going to hit me hard after I have the hysterectomy and I'm going to be angry at myself for not preparing myself more for such serious surgery. 


I would appreciate any advice you can give me.


Hi Wendy,

I felt like it was happening to someone else too and then it hit me and I panicked a lot! I was mostly anxious between knowing I had cc and knowing the stage.  (You've got past that already. :))Once I knew what they were going to do, I tried to focus on that. I had a few wobbles but I knew 1b1 was very treatable. There's a lot you can do to prepare yourself.  Apart from eating healthily it's also good to exercise  properly. In fact, I found a whole book about exercising your way to a healthy hysterectomy.  Wish I'd read it before! 

There are also lots of practical things you can do to prepare - I so wish I had sorted out my shambolic underwear drawer and wardrobe! Sounds trivial but it's a daily annoyance. It's two and a bit weeks since my op and I'm not doing much more than lots of lying down and a daily (very short!) walk in the outside world.  

So sorry you're having to go through this. Sending you hugs and do feel free to pm me if you want.

Kirsty xx

Hi Wendy,

We all react very differently. I went through the whole thing, rad hyst and chemo rads as though I was taking the bus to work and then it hit me later big time. Kirsty has some good and useful advice about preparing physically for hospital and for post surgical convalescence but I don't know that there is anything you can do in advance to prevent a mental stumble a bit further down the road. It's not as though worrying in advance of results reduces the worry after is it. Probably my best advice is to be aware that you may, at some point, go through a wobbly phase, and know that Macmillan will be there to help pick you up and put you back on your feet again.

Be lucky


Thank you your advice is ever so helpful. I found out yesterday the cc is glandular and could've been growing for 9 years (I'm only 35 so that was a bit of a shocker!). 


I think the 'no more babies' bit is the part that is going to bother me more than the cancer diagnosis. 


Wendy x

Hello again Wendy,

Mine was adenocarcinoma as well :-) 9 years! I find that a bit of a shocker too! Especially since you are a 1b1 and I was a 2b, I wonder how long mine was lurking about then??

Certainly it's the 'no more babies' part that seems to hurt the most, I take that to mean that you aren't childless. That's a blessing.

Be lucky