Shingles and HPV

Hi, bit of a random post but I am suffering with shingles on my face of all places for the third time this year. Apart from making me very tearful I am worried that my immune system is low and whether that will affect my body fighting off or keeping HPV at bay. I know the shingles virus is completely different so I’m not concerned about that. Just needed to let off steam as I’m feeling sorry for myself right now and wish viruses would leave me alone! Xx

Hi Sarah!

Its me again! I hope you are ok.  Im so sorry to hear you are going through this. We cant catch a break can we! It takes a while for our immune system to go back to normal, but that doesnt mean we would get HPV straight away, but if you are worried make sure you practise safe sex by using condoms which will lessen your chances, try eating healthy and doing exercises to help boost your immune system and maybe ask your doctor for any further advice on this. Please try not to worry, although i know its easier said than done.

I hope your feeling better soon and wishing you a healthy life ahead!

Love Vicky xxx