Sharp tummy pains

Hello ladies,


First off thank you so much to everyone who posts on here. This forum has been such a blessing. I am in week 4 of treatment plan - 30 rads, 5 chemos, then I will have 4 brachys in 2 overnight stays. So far, I have felt so lucky side effects wise, mainly just tired but nothing to complain about. Today, I am experiencing terrible tummy pains prior to having each bowel movement- like terrible enough that they make me yell out loud. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


Xo Amy



I had this but it was before horrific bouts of diarrhea. I was also having gastritis, which was pretty severe stomach pain, but it wasn’t just before bowel movements. For this I was prescribed an antacid which stopped the pain. Might be worth a try?

Hi slicknic, thanks for your reply. I talked to my team and they said it was gas, Haha. So they have me taking an extra gas-X when it happens. I'm also on an antacid for heart burn from treatment. So they had made an error on my schedule, they had booked me for 30 rads but my doctor only wanted 25 from the start. So I'm all done now with chemo and external radiation, woohoo! Unlike you, they saved my brachytherapy for the end. I go in tuesday morning for an overnight stay, they are doing two treatments in one visit. Then I get a week off and do this again on the 29th. I've been reading every post about brachy, they are helping a lot but I stl cant help but be worried. Hoping it goes as smoothly for me as it did for many ladies on here. How are you getting on? Im so sorry things have been so terrible for you recently. I read your other post and I really hope you are starting to feel better!! We are almost through this...