sharp stabbing pain in or near cervix

Has anyone else had this? I've had two lletz and i first started getting this on and off a few months after my first one. I'm trying to see now if there is a pattern to it, I've had it lately a week before my period ( i'm on the pill) and at the end of it, I'm going to see if it's the same next month because I'm hoping its just scar tissue from the lletz on my cervix hurting when there's any movement of the cervix. It's a very sharp pain that kind of pulses but only lasts for a few minutes on and off. It's more to one side and I can't say exactly that it's my cervix but it's that general area. I didn't mention it at my last lletz because it hadn't happened in a while and I feel that no matter what I say to them they brush it off straight away. Just wondering if anyone else had this after lletz?

I know what you mean, I get a sharp pain sometimes, but I have a coil, so put it down to that 'nipping'me?!

Bev x

Hi Bev, we have similar history it looks too with having had more than one lletz, good luck with your lletz results :)