Sharing with Boyfriend


I received an abnormal smear letter two weeks ago and have been referred to the hospital for a coloscopy, although don't have the date for it yet. I am bleeding after sex and am really quite worried. I'm not sure whether to share this with my boyfriend and would welcome any advice from women in similar situations. I realise that the results of the coloscopy could be clear, but am still anxious as I've never had an abnormal result before - I'm 43 and had a mirena coil fitted at the beginning of the year.

Thanks for any advice! 


Hello,my situation was similar to yours. I was bleeding after sex with my husband so went to the gp.they referred me for coloscopy . Unfortunately mine was diagnosed as cc staged 1b. Try not to worry too much though till you have your tests. A friend of mine also had same symptoms and her test was all clear. It could be your coil or some other explanation.hope everything goes okay and let me no how you are getting on. Xxxxx

You should tell your bf as he could help you and try and understand what us happening with you when you have colposcapy there still the awful waiting game for the results pls don't keep to yourself try to talk to him I told my bf before it all started tho he not been the most understanding least he knows hope all goes well for you pls let me know good luck xxx


It's very important for your peace of mind that you share your worries, keeping it all bottled up doesn't help anyone!  I'm very lucky that my boyfriend is incredibely understanding - he came with me to my routine smear and he's been there holding my hand ever since from the inital CIN2 diagnosis, the colposcopy and now he's my voice of reason as I'm waiting for my biopsy results.  

Good luck with your colposcopy, if you've got any questions come and ask in that forum - there's always someone around that can help :) x

Thanks so much for the kind words of support - I have told my boyfriend and he's been understanding and thankfully the bleeding has now stopped. You were right that sharing does help and I'm definitely less stressed now I'm not keeping it to myself. My colposcopy is in two weeks, so fingers crossed it's all OK. 

I really do appreciate the posts above - thanks for sharing your experiences with me and good luck with your treatments :)