Sharing my radical hysterectomy op and post of

Hi. I was detected with precancerous cell in Jan, announced cancer 1b on Feb and just got my radical hysterectomy last week in April. I took out lymph, ovaries and uterus.

This forum and the ladies has been a great help for me in preparing myself for the surgery. So right now I’m sharing what Was done in the operation and offering some of my tips to ease the pain and suffering. And I’m sorry if it’s a bit long.


First, I was operated in Sydney Australia. So the procedure might be different in other countries.  They first put me in a surgery waiting room. I need to pee and change the gown. When they ready they push my bad to the front of operation room. The room was very cold with only a clock in front of you. Some of the doctors come and go, greeting you and also calming you. In the process I know that it is a very little death come with this operation. It’s a bigger chance for you to get hit by a plane than die on the operation. That was calming for sure. The last I remember was the needle the doctor gave me and I feel sleepy and the time I wake up I was already in my ward. 


I had the surgery on the evening and the whole night was a nightmare. Not because of the pain but because the nurses keep come and check things while all i wanted to do was have a good sleep. They put some anti pain medicine that i can presss and release by myself whenever i need. I’m not too sure about the medication that I used but apparently the iv pain release was very good in eliminating pain but it made a severe nausea. 

The second day I didn’t have much pain. Based from the ladies in this forum I made sure I got all my pain medication before it start hurting. Now come the nausea and passing wind. The pain to pass wind was real and very bad. I also had a lower back pain. So the hospital offered hot packs for my back. I put 1 bag on my back and the other 1 on my tummy, above the patch. The hot pack help me pass wind faster, and to help I also lifted/opened part of my bottom so the wind can pass easier. 

The third day doctor said I can go home already if my pee and poo alright.

I was not in pain at all. Sometimes I also rejected the pain medicine. But next come the nausea. I totally unable to eat. I lost all the little appetite I had. To make it worse I actually lost quite a bit of blood in the surgery but not enough for blood transfusion. So whenever I tried to lift my body I got dizzy.

On this 3rd day they took out my catheter and apparently when they measure my urine, the one I got out myself is the same amount with the one they measure with self catheter after pee.. so I will need to do self catheter after every pee.

On the 4th day, after I manage to poo with help of medicine they sent me home with long release pain medication, inflammation, nausea and blood cot medicine. I need to shot myself with blood cot medicine syringe for the next 28 days. 


After a few days at home struggling with self catheter, doctor said as long as i pee often i can do the self cath 3x daily only. My husband does the catheter for me but I think something went wrong because I always in pain when he does it and now every time i pee i got burning sensation and a bit of blood when i wiped.

Btw, this is a tips for squeezing your urine out. My doctor told me to try standing up and wiggle my body before sit down again. Apparently that didn’t help. I found out this method last night and it help me a lot and I hope this will help others too. 

First, try to pee every 2 hours, don’t wait until your bladder full. After it stop, try to bow your body. Do a 45 bowing and hold a few seconds. I did this while having silent prayer. And then go erect your body and the urine will come out more. Keep of doing the bowing until the urine stop totally  



That's a really good description of what happens. Your experience of surgery is very similar to mine. Particurlarly the bladder issues!  I had my operation 7 weeks ago and I still have to concentrate really hard when i go pee. I sit down first and then have another go kind of hovering over the toilet. It works for me!


I am exactly the same with peeing!

Im just ove 2 months on now and I feel as if I have to push it out almost. And (sorry for the TMI) when I have a bowel movement it seems to flow out of me so much easier. I’m not sure why. 

Alice x

Im the same, after I have a bowel movement I can pee a lot easier. 

I thought maybe the bowel is pressing on the bladder. But I would have thought they have a lot more space now the womb etc is gone. Maybe they've just kind of fallen into the empty gap laughing