Sharing Good News

Hi all!

I have been using this website and the forums as my bible since starting my own journey in June, i swore to myself, amidst the anxiety and worry, that if i recieved good news at the end i would post and share it on the Jo's website so here I am!

I had my smear test in June (previous first smear was clear) and didnt think anything about it until I recieved my results four weeks later, boderline results with HPV? What the blinkin nora did this all mean?! Did the usual google and felt that at a borderline stage it was clearly nothing and all would be ok. I pootled off for my colposcopy in August where the consultant told me (the few words she actually did communicate with me, miserable mare) ''oh......there is definately pre cancerous cells here and you will most likely need more treatment'' and took two biopsy. Started to get a little more worried at this point :-( 

The biopsy results came back three weeks later....cin 3! Panic began to really settle in now. Filled with complete anxiety I began to be utterly convinced that my body was producing cancer cells there and then began thinking of all sorts of irrational thoughts about hysterectomies etc.  So, two weeks later off i went for the dreaded lletz procedure. I will not lie, i really found the procedure invasive and uncomfortable and that blummin LA injection hurt me. A couple of days of new pjs and a tub of miniature heroes (oops) and i began to feel normalish again. Then the dreaded wait for MORE results began! It is honestly the WORST part of the whole experience. With the first two weeks I was glued to my phone at all times incase I would recieve a call from the surgery with bad news, after that two weeks had past i then become a crazed curtain twitcher at the post arrival time every day racing to the welcome mat to inspect what was lying there. The postman must have thought I had a fetish for men in red uniform the way i used to watch him delivering the post everyday!

Today the results were finally in...'the tissue removed from your cervix showed pre cancerous changes with nothing more serious than that'-THANK GAWD.

I am unbelievably grateful for my results. I suffer with anxiety and so found the past four months utterly traumatic. I am currently studying for a masters degree too so it has all been a recipe for multiple wobbly chins and functioning alcoholism!

So the point of all this was to share my top tips for making it through this stressful time!

1. DO NOT GOOGLE.stick to this website and utilise your healthcare professionals. Ask them questions, you are allowed, its your body!

2. Do not think the worst case scenario is going to happen to you. I know this is easier said than done but the odds are in your favour, trust them!

3. Although this website and forum are incredible, dont read tooooooo much as I found it can make your imagination run wild. And you end up reading peoples unfortunate outcomes and being utterly convinced this will happen to you too. Every body is different.

4. Important to remember that like bad reviews of restuarants, you are always more likely to hear bad stories then good ones. Remember all of the thousands of women who have positive outcomes, a very small minority will be vocal about their experience so it seems theres more bad news then good when this isnt the case at all!

5. Keep busy! It really does help. Do nice things :-) (i found yoga and pilates incredibly helpful!)

6. Talk about it. Feels SO much better to talk about it. And you will find that so many people you know have been through the same thing and you never knew! And you will become a person to talk to if anyone you know has the same issues in the future.


Quite the ramble, but wanted to share a positive story as the positive stories dont post allot and go on with their lives :-)

Good luck everyone xx

Brilliant news! I’m currently sat in the hospital waiting room waiting for my results from the biopsy I had last week. Really pleased it’s over for you, it must be such a relief x