Shadow in abdomen

Hi all,

I had an MRI last month and was called in to discuss the results, I was then told they have discovered an abnormality in my abdomen they believe it to be a lymph node that hadn't previously showed up on any scans. They discussed me at an MDT meeting with 2 other hospitals and they all believe it has no cancerous features at all, also the radiologist has confined that he doesnt believe it to be cancer and am havin a rescan to be on the safe side in 8 weeks.


Although I'm sure they are right as they see this type of thing every day im naturally still a bit concerned. Has any one else had this experience? I'm staying positive as that's all I can do. Also i was confused as I had a pelvic MRI so how did that show my abdomen up? Does a pelvic MRI scan your diaphram as well? xx

Hi Laura,

Sorry to hear you are going through a scary patch, awful isn't it! The great thing about all these various clever scanning systems is that they will show up the tiniest little thing, so in the course of my regular follow-up I have been sent off to a urologist to inspect my bladder, and I've had to have my liver inspected separately as well. Our bodies are really complicated and all sorts of bits go through slightly funny phases during the normal course of events. If your scan happens to coincide with something being a bit funny it will be investigated further, but usually it's just the equivalent of a bad-hair day.

Regarding the extent of the scan, I cannot say for certain but I get the distinct feeling that no matter what scan has been prescribed by the medic in charge of your case, if the operators spot something of interest while you are in the machine they will continue scanning.

Good for you for staying positive! Try to keep it up. You might have a little wobble during the course of the next eight weeks and if you do, we're all here for you.

Be lucky :-)