Hi ladies!!

I had my first Lletz done on the 21.6.16 so 4 weeks ago now, I was bleeding fresh red blood all the time so went to the GP who have me antibiotics and mefenamic acid to help me stop bleeding.
Well, now I’ve stopped (yay) and to be honest with you I really ready for some nooky!

I have been diagnosed with C, so my question is am I ok to be intimate with my husband?? Or should I wait a few more days.
The thing is I have to have my cone done on the 27th so they’ll be no more nooky for ANOTHER 4 weeks!!


Michelle, I have no bloody idea but I just had to log in and say that you are a total fox!

I would have to be married to Brad Pitt, pre scraggy beard, to get motivated. Damn! When did I get so old?!

You go girl!

t x