Is there anyone who is having ‘normal’ Sec after chemo radiotherapy brachy ?

im 3 months post treatment and having a nightmare. Penetration is almost impossible. Only feels like tip is going in and it hurts. I feel so tight. 

I’m using dilator. I can get biggest size on but only half way. 

im so distressed as it’s having a big impact on us. Can’t see how this gets any better. 

Hi, I’m probably older than you (I’m 57) and I’m 10 months post treatment.

ive not had the nerves to try out sex, although I do dilate with the third size with no problem.

i think with sex, you need to use plenty of lubrications, such as optilube.

iand that’s my problem, no spontaneous moments any more and I just don’t feel like my foof belongs to me any more.

my oncologist did say that the bigger ones, although they stretch you, they often don’t reach the cervix or far enough up, so she recommended I stop at number 3 or even number 2.

a rotating motion will stretch the foof, but bounce the dilator off your cervix too....gently

it helps with the breaking down of the scar tissue.

but as far as sex is concerned, I’m afraid lube is your new friend to make it more comfortable.

one day I will pluck up the courage again,and I have a loving and understanding husband, who I adore and adore even more so because there is no pressure and loads of kisses and cuddles.

good luck xxx


Sex was sore the first time, I have shortened considerably inside, it did work, but we were both so nervous, him incase he hurt me and me incase it didn’t work. I spoke to my consultant about this and she gave me an examination. I’ve been referred to a gynae to see about having scar tissue removed, as the dilators arent able to help. So I’ve to stop using them. Maybe worth taking to your consultant. 

For the first time it can be soreful but later sex is enjoying.