No easy way to ask this so I am just going to ask, has anyone else had strong sexual desires, Its been little over 1 week and for some unknown reason I have had these sudden urges.  I know you cannot have sex for 6 weeks, but has anyone else had similiar urges and how safe is it to be manually stimulated?

sorry one week since my radical hysterectomy and ovaries removed x

I take by the lack of replies that no one feels the same way :(


Think it might be best to check with your CNS - even if nothing is going inside, if you are like me, you do get pulsing of your vagina when you climax so it might not be a good idea quite so soon. Don't want to set yourself back.

i understand wanting closeness with your partner, normality (whatever that is)  and to know what  effect the op might have had on how your body responds. I did have a little go on my own  fairly early on (probably 3-4 weeks after the op) and I have to say that it did feel different because i used to feel my cervix and womb move when i reached orgasm and that feeling is gone now, obviously. when i realised what i had lost, it upset me quite a lot but I am alive and you do get used to the new normality quite quickly.

All I can say is we get all sorts of feelings after this thing and the main thing is to go at your own pace.

Best of luck Hun x

P.s sorry for the dodgy typing iPad doesn't like this site


Thanks Rosehip for repling I know it can be an embarassing subject for some people.  I think your right its about feeling normal again, feeling the closeness and the feeling of being wanted.  This has affected my sex life for so long I feel I just need to get back to how it was and I am worried cancer has robbed this part of my life.  Someone said that the real strong urges could be a hormone change, im not sure I suppose it could be.  I just want my life back, its funny as through the whole process you are waiting for some sort of result or you are waiting for the op date, then you get there, now im waiting for the histology to come back, what am I going to do when I no longer have anything to wait for?