Sex with stenosis

Hi everyone.

First time poster, I really hope someone can offer some advice!

I finished treatment for cervical cancer over 10 years ago, and have not been using my dilators very much.
I really regret this, and I haven’t had sex because of the scarring/stenosis that I’ve got.

I’m starting to date now, but I’m so worried as I want to be intimate with people but I just can’t fully do this.
Has anyone been in a similar situation?
Is it too late to start the dilators again?

Thanks for any advice you can give!

No it is not too late to start with the dilators! If you start using the moisturiser frequently you will feel much better as well! There are lubricants with applicator that can be used directly if you use them before intercourse it makes it much easier! Hope everything goes well and keep in mind that sex is more than the intercourse!


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