Sex with husband after HPV positive result

I’ve just received my first HPV positive result (no cell abnormalities). I’ve been with my husband for almost 10 years and have always had negative results in the past. I don’t know what to do about sex? We have unprotected sex - but does this mean we will just be passing the virus back and forth? If this is the case, can the virus mutate? If we built an immunity to this strain of HPV, can it mutate to a different viral strain that we are not immune to? I’m feeling a bit lost.


Its typically assumed we catch HPV within the first year of being sexually active so its likely he already has it to begin with and there is no test for men to take, we ourselves have only recently started to find out, untill 2019 HPV was only tested for if you had abnormalities wherever as now they test for it first then see if you have any abnormalities of its positive, so a clear smear before 2019 doesnt necassarily mean that you didnt have HPV before it may have been there just not causing any changes or it could of been dormant, its an advisory to use condoms however its spread by skin to skin sexual contact you dont need to have penatrative sex to catch/spread it same sex couples are just as at risk

The HPV virus has been around for thousands and thousands of years, dating back to the neanderthals, the last time it mutated was when it was passed to us modern humans and it became cancerous, so its extremly unlikely for the virus to up and start mutating again after thousands upon thousands of years, HPV is a DNA virus so unless you changed your DNA it wouldnt be able to mutat, the only way you can get the other strains is if you have contact with an infected person who has a particular strain

You arnt immune to a strain either… yes in the sense that you cant get the same strain again, but you can test postive for the same one after a negative test… this is because once you have it you always do, when we ‘clear it’ its more that the virus has deactivated and become dormanct rather than getting rid of it all together, its a little like the cold sore virus in that regard xx

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