Sex related ...

Never actually used a forum before so if this is wrong could someone help me delete it? Ha…

Erm, I’m 25, stage 2b. Finished my last HDR brachytherapy almost 5 weeks ago. Had every intention of starting my dilator but I just find it quite embarrassing and can’t seem to bring myself to using it.

Read a lot of posts, people have found having sex straight away a lot easier than using vibrators or dilators, I suppose my question is and it’s going to sound ridiculous but should my partner wear a condom? Obviously I know we can’t get pregnant but I just feel like it would be appropriate? Am I being silly? Say he orgasmed and his cum was inside me (god this is more embarrassing than the thought of the dilator) anyway, because I’m scarring and everything could this lead to infection or affect my cervix?

Reading over this I’m clearly overthinking things but I’d rather ask than get it wrong…

Thank you in advance xx

Hi Em I used "Bob" from the third week of radiation. You get used to it. Even 6 months later I was getting cosy with Bob three times a week. Now a year after that my vagina is normal size. I had sex less frequently - we broke up - but no condom or infection happened. Only once in the fifth week of treatment I had sex and tore small are of vagina which heeled in a couple of days. So I suggest if you want to go back to normal use a Bob


thank you so much, myself and my partner haven't been intimate since all this began so roughly 3 -4 months... i think we'd both feel extremely awkward if I were to even attempt anything we'd both be questioning ourselves( is it ok, am I allowed, is it going to hurt, what if I bleed etc ) I just want to make sure that when we do decide to be intimate again we make sure everything medically is on point so that it doesn't put us off doing it again. 

Its daft, worrying about something people take for granted - having sex when what we've just faced is the unimaginable  


Thanks again a in for your advice x

It is not daft but a very important part of who you and we are...therefore a critical aspect of quality of life!! At least for me.