Sex question :-)

hey all! 

Sorry if im posting in the wrong place.

Ive recently had lletz for CIN3,had its done just over 3 wks ago. 

I've had a period(little heavier than normal) but I expected this. 

But all else has been normal. 

What I want to know is, when can I have oral/sex? 

Thankyou for any advice. 

Hi :-) apparently it's not safe to have penetrative sex for one month but some women do after 3 weeks and are fine. Giving oral sex is fine whenever obviously but if you mean when is it safe for someone to give you oral sex I would say as soon as you no longer bleed or have discharge? X

Brilliant! Thankyou for your reply... 

ill give it another week for sex I think :-) 

Hi Roxi,


I had my LLETZ 29th April and am currently sitting at work (not doing work) and instead researching ways to get sexual without haviong penetrative sex!! apparently top 3 are massage, foreplay and kissing. Which is all well and good but i'm missing it so much! I'm going to try and make myself wait until week 4. 2 weeks to go! x