Sex pre-results

Sorry if this is going too far (!!)... just wondering if anybody else is having the same thoughts/worries.


I had my colcoscopy about 9 days ago.  I know I'm probably not going to get my results for a couple of weeks at least.  My bleeding stopped about 5 days ago, and I am running of of reasons to not have sex!  I'm just so worried that something will happen that will cause me to freak out and I'll then have to sit on that worry until my results come.


My smear indicated "mild" changes with high risk HPV and I've never had bleeding after sex or discomfort, apart from slight discomfort once or twice in doggy style (I know, I know, TMI!) which I don't think is that unusual.  So I know it will be ok, but what if it isn't and I then have to keep my panic at bay for weeks?


My fiance is amazing but he's also currently living with a mad woman, so it would be nice if I could get the courage up to look after him a little bit.


Is anybody else pathologically afraid of sex right now?!


Thanks x


My consultant told me no sex for 4 weeks and the after-care leaflet specified 3 weeks. I had CIN3 and the cells removed by Loop incision. Were you given any advice? x


guidelines say no sex for 4 weeks to allow the area that has been treated to heal. It has been an open wound so needs time to heal and not be open to infection. Not a good idea in other words! Be imaginative instead!!! After hysterectomy is at least 6 weeks (not that I feel ready yet as stomach is still uncomfortable, etc).

take care xxx dons

I only had a colposcopy and biopsy and I'm terrified to have sex or anything that involves down there!! My other half is trying gk be patient as I went off sex a few weeks before appt! plus bleeding lots doesn't help u feel very sexy. I would wait Hun and make sure it's fully healed as I've heard lots of ladies can then get infections there and you don't want that! X

But don't be afraid once 4wks is up! in that 4 wks, I was diagnosed with cc so knew that once had hysterectomy that would be it for sex for a while so we did have sex again and it was all fine, no pain, no bleeding, no discharge. All was fine. So please don't be scared xxx