Sex life.


this week I had to make yet another trip to my GP who said I was high risk, he has now sent off a urgent appointment for tests, I spoke to my partner about it and he’s totally freaked out, Me however I’m a lot more calm, I have two small children so already feel like I can’t freak out too much. 

Only now that I actually want sex (GP said it totally normal to carry on a sex life) he doesn’t want to, he’s saying he wants to wait and sorts himself out. Am I selfish for still wanting to have sex?

What can I do?

Hi chloe saw your post and seeing it was unanswered wanted to see if I could help. What stage in the journey are you please do not be embarrassed believe me everyone on here has been through loads and many of us are used to discussing our sex lives now because it is so important to maintain closeness and intimacy. You are not selfish to want sex and your partner is probably a little terrified. If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer your team will tell you at every stage wether sex is safe or not. Take care x

You should wait I think until total comfort. I hope your partner will understand everything. Thanks!