Sex has become a chore !!!

Is it just me or does other women feel like sex has become more like a chore that u just need to get it over and done with rather than something you enjoy after treatment ???, i seem to find myself more upset after been intamate than anything else because im constantly anxious incase he hurts me , im a yr in and it isnt getting any easier , melissa x x

I don’t have cervical cancer but I’ve had two leeps for CIN3 cells and my sex drive is completely gone. I totally relate with the anxiety of if it will hurt or not. The whole experience just makes me want to avoid it all together. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it too and I hope that it gets better for the both of us! 

I am awaiting diagnosis but have had discomfort and pain for ages. I last had sex with my partner in April 2016! I find it incredibly upsetting as I used to enjoy sex and had we had a good sex life but apart from heavy petting it is non-existent.  And all this puts strain on relationships. But I am actually dreading the next time as I had the most awful attempted hysteroscopy experience recently and it's bloody traumatised me - I don't want anyone to go down that area again tbh... all the best to you and everyone else x

I no what your saying girls , its like its an obstacle in my own head and im dreading it before it even begins , but i have to say lube has been my best friend and has helped me endure it alot more than i would if i didn have it , so please got it gets easier for us ❤ x x

Sex is off the menu for me - works for me.  Anyway, just a thought: I wonder if using a female condom would make things easier?


It is important for a relationship and I believe should enjoy it. I suggest you consult your OB-GYN if what you are feeling is normal.

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