Sex before a colposcopy

I have a colposcopy booked for next Tuesday is it ok to still have sex before I have it or can it give faulse readings

I think the rule is that you shouldn't have sex 24hours before a colposcopy. If you have sex too close then I believe it's harder for them to get a clear view due to inflammation etc. I hope that helps. 

It also can depend on contraceprion as I had a coil and went for a colposcopy and lletz treatment, I had to have my coil removed due to lletz treatment and the consultant I had refused to do the treatment until I had reframed from having sex for 10 days! I had been slight nieve maybe as I hadn't done anything for 5 days on the basis of them taking the coil out and obviously not wanting to get pregnant! I had spoken to a nurse to qho had told me it was fine that way, but he was ad dement that it was 10 days I had to wait 5 weeks for another appointment! Without being crude I would just make sure you use protection from here until your appointment and avoid sex 24 hours before! Good luck xx

I wouldn't have sex before as (sorry to be disgusting) the doctor will be able to see the "evidence" on the speculum when she looks inside!