Sex after years!

Hi ladies 

So I'm single and have been throughout all of my treatment and recovery. I'm 4 years in remission and have finally gotten 'back on the wagon' so to speak.  Obviously there a the psychological aspect of having sex again but also the physical side.  

Post treatment my vagina is shorter and thinner so things were a lot more tight then they used to be. I also had some bleeding. I understand the bleeding is from the stenosis but it's obviously quite embarrassing. I hadn't kept on top of using my dilators but I'm trying to rectify that now.

I guess my question is, how long after starting to have regular sex again does the bleeding stop?  It obviously affect my enjoyment and is embarrassing. 

Any advise or experience would be welcome!

Anna xx


it honestly took a few months after regular intercourse that the slight bleeding stopped but it took about a full year before I actually thought that sex was enjoyable again. I would try so hard to make it enjoyable but it just took time. My poor hubby was getting a complex and there were times I just faked it to make him feel better but now sex is actually great again. I find the only thing that bothers me is when I do finally “get off” there seems to be a hot flash from hell. I literally cannot cuddle after until it subsided. I want to jump into an ice bath. Lol

good for you, get back into it. Be honest and be kind to yourself. With anything practise makes perfect. 


great to hear you've got back on the wagon

Im 2 years post the second line chemo youve had Anna ive been sexually active since the diagnosis in 2015 

i find myself in the postition now where i have to use lubrication every time which is called Silk this can only be available on prescription in the UK from the GP 

i still do have a little spot bleeding after sex but only if its been about 3 to 4 days since last time 

so what im trying to say is it does get better so stick with it and im sure any decent fella or woman will totally be understanding of whats happening 

love michelle xx



I wish I could be positive here... It’s two years on and I still will bleed every now and again. I have not gotten to the enjoyable stage as of yet. I do not enjoy it anymore :( 

Anna I have no advice to give you. I’ve been single since diagonsis and still am (2.5 years).

But I just wanted to say it’s so nice to hear that you’re dating/seeing someone. There are so many psychological factors so to be able to overcome that to a degree to start a relationship, I think takes bravery. Just really nice to hear you’re out there. And it gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll be able to date/meet someone. 

We are so young and we deserve the best guys. 

Wish you all the best 

Hello lovelies! :-)

How great to find a thread where I know everybody in it! I am so pleased that (most of) you are still enjoying a tumble. Sadly that did not happen in my case and I discovered that good sex can keep a poor relationship going. I hadn't realised just how poor the relationship was but I finally left in April and he began divorce proceedings immediately. I shall attend the divorce hearing next week just for the hell of it, and I'm taking confetti.

Lots of love to all of you