Sex after Lletz

Hello all.

I wrote similar further down in another post but I feel it deserves a post of its own…

So I’m now into day 13 post lletz and Hubby has been sniffing round me like a dog on heat.
He was warned before my colposcopy that chances are he’d be on a ban but he took no notice. Silly boy…

I know I’m not supposed to DTD before 4 weeks but even I’m getting a wee antsy, probably from fending him off so much…

So did anyone succumb to the deadline before hand? I’ve had no bleeding, just gushes (literally gushes) of brown water, which seems to be drying up now. Did have some pain in the 1st week and my GP gave me antibiotics on the safe side…

Should I cave? I have needs too! Argh…

nope unfortunately I think you shouldn't give in

they give 4 weeks until you can have intercorse, this is given for a reason as the wounds on your cervix won't heal properly for about 4-6 weeks I think. it's hard I know (what us girls have to go through hay) but I think 13 days is to early  

best wishes kirsty xx

Hi septic peg,

I have been thinking the same thing too! I’m 15 days post LLETZ. I’m not sure if I can cope with another 2 weeks of arkwardness and moaning! My hubby is keeping his distance from me and sulking, which is making this whole experience even worse :(.

What makes it even worse is I’m due on at weekend so that week will be hell! I’m a monster when I’m on!!

Prob gonna leave it till my period has finished and hopefully I’ll be all healed, so that’ll be 3 1/2 weeks.

Let me know what you decide and how it goes xx

hiya, i only had the brown discharge too for around 13 days then on the 14th day i started to bleed which was a similar bleed to a period for around five days, this eased off i then i started my normal period which was very very heavy and i was passing clots. I went to the doctors and the doctor said that it was a combination of my period and my cervix still healing from the LLETZ, she then gave me some tablets to ease the bleeding, i also asked if i could use a pesary as i felt like i was gettimg thrush, but she advised me not to put anything up there ! so i would say no ( not saying you will have any of my problems) but i think the cervix takes a month or so too heal xx