Sex After LLETZ

Hi guys!!

New to this forum. Im 26 years old.  Had my first abnormal smear in Feb 15. Had a biopsy and colposcopy done in March 15.

My biospy revealed CIN 111.

I was frightened as I have two small girls age 5 and 2.

I had LLETZ procedure done on 22nd June.

So far I have been fine, but I am desperate to start getting things back to normal intimately as I feel grand and have not had much bleeding or discharge.


My question is... what is the earliest that anyone has been intimate after LLETZ and been fine afterwards?


4-6 weeks normally until it's healed. You would be at risk of an infection before that. 

Thank you for your response.

Did you have this procedure done?

How did you find the healing process?


Hi ya, unfortunately yes I had a lletz, this time last year for CGIN. The procedure itself was fine. I was actually 7 weeks pregnant at the time, so that added extra stress. The margins were not as clear as they had hoped. But clear all the same. I expect to have another lletz in the next few weeks. Had a repeat smear and biopsies done yesterday. so hopefully they will come back ok. How are u getting on?

Thanks for the reply.

Oh you dont need the added stress on top of pregnancy stress either thats not fair - I know here in Ireland they try to leave you till after 6 months I think to do a LLETZ in pregnancy (if essential), otherwise they wait till afterwards. Id probably prefer it earlier though than later in pregnancy.

So how long did they leave you after pregnancy to start taking smear and biopsy again? You  dont get a lot of time to recover!

With regards to the margins, do they have to been seen to ensure that they remove all the affected area?

Im 2.5 weeks after the LLETZ and I feel quite good. Ive been blessed no side affects or infection but I wont say too much in case it happens.

 Hope your well.


I'm actually in ireland too. I was the first person the consultant knowingly done a lletz on. It was pretty scary at the time. But bambino is perfect and I got to full term. they couldn't really do much during the pregnancy. the plan was to repeat smear etc 3 months After, so I had it done this week. I expect it to be 3 weeks before I get the results. 2 weeks for the results, then they are going to mdt. I'm pretty nervous about the results. I'm trying not to think too much about it. It's out of my hands now. So fingers crossed. 

Ill cross mine for you too.

Thats amazing about you being the first with the LLETZ. Its really not as horrific as I thought it would be and thank god I havent had any issues.

I got my LLETZ done in Holles St 3 weeks ago and I rang last week to see about my results. They told me it would be between 6 - 8 weeks before they will be out to me.

Im a bit aprehensive about the wait.

Best of luck with everything if I dont hear from you again.


Results came back ...

CIN111 margins seen all removed.

Smear in 6 months.