Sex after Lletz

HI ladies, just a quick question...

how long did you wait to have sex after your lletz? I'm 2 and a half weeks in and I'm still having lots of brown/red/clear discharge and I feel it's not gonna stop anytime soon! Really annoying!

thanks in advance for your replies x

Hi Alizee,


Whilst I haven't had my next round of treatment yet my doctor advised me when she told me I had to have a cone biopsy that I would not be able to have sex or insert anything into the vagina for 6 weeks. I have seen on numerous websites they reccomment 4-6weeks depending on if you are still experiencing discharge. This is to prevent infection and promote healing of the cervix.

My friend had Lletz about 6 weeks ago and had sex for the first time and said she experienced some spotting afterwards. However, she smokes so perhaps the wound is taking longer to heal. I have held out for the 2 weeks after my biopsy just to be certain I do not get an infection, I feel like that is the last thing anyone needs to go through after all the treatment trauma!


Hope it helps a little :)

Hello, I've had Lletz and two cone biopsies and I've learnt too be patient and leave things a bit longer than you think after getting an infection. Lletz seemed to heal a bit quicker but the cone biopsies are definitely 6 weeks if not slightly longer. So my advice would be once things seem normal give it an extra week or two for luck.