Sex after lletz treatment?


I had a colposcopy,  LLETZ treatment and biopsy 12 days ago.

Is it safe to have sex?

I know in my letter it says avoid sex for a few weeks but are there any actual risks? 

Have any of you had sex soon after and had any problems? 

I had sex today it was a little sore but nothing else.


I think basically the reason you're advised not to have sex is because it can either damage the scab and disrupt the healing process or it can introduce bacteria that can cause infection. The risks are probably low but there's still a risk. If you haven't had any bleeding since then it's probably fine. I was told 4 weeks and because I'm in a long distance relationship anyway it's not so bad but I can see how it would be tempting to try early. 

You should not have sex for 4-6 weeks due to infection and damaging the area that has just healed. It really is not worth risking. 

You need to steer clear of vaginal penetrative sex as others have said, the scab could come off and you could bleed heavily. If you had a big 1-2cm cube of tissue taken from up your nose you wouldn't be ramming your finger up there after less than 2 weeks would you! 

Use your imagination if u are gagging for it there are lots of fun things to do without vaginal penetration!! 

I did the same thing... Oops! me and my partner have a very healthy sex life and after 8 days of having my lletz i gave in to temptation. however, (sorry for tmi!) half way through i started to worry and rightly so! after we had dtd i had a really strong pain in my abdoman and bled quite a bit... safe to say scared me into not repeating until i know for sure my body is ready for it!! anyway, after my babble, my advise is definately wait the recommended time, they tell us this for a reason, better safe than sorry! :D