Sex after LLETZ all clear


I had a lletz procedure in june 22, had clean margins and the all clear from my 6 month post op smear. I feel like i shouldn’t be having this problem but the thought of having sex is still terrifying to me. Im scared I’ll hurt. Im scared I’ll bleed. Im scared that while my partner has been nothing but supportive for over a year that im letting him down because im not “over it” yet.
He’s never said anything of the sort but its clear that he’s hurting, and that he misses that part of our relationship. I do too. But i have NO IDEA how to stop thinking about everything down there having medical connotations. I can’t relax. Ive thought about just pushing through it and having sex and then hopefully I’ll see that i have nothing to be afraid of but that feels like a weird thing to have to do.
Im at a loss now. I could really use some reassuring words or any advice!!! Xxx

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