sex after diagnosis

I am 23y/o and have been with the the 1st & only man for 3 yrs now. He had been urging me to get a pelvic once he found out that I had never had one yet and that I didn't receive the HPV shots when I was a teen. I finally got my mom around to getting me in, and the result came back CIN 1. With the age difference between the two of us & him being the only man I have  ever been with, we know it came from him. With all of the different advice sites I have been reading lately about the abnormal cells most often changing back on there own & both of us having the same strain, and HPV can be passed through other skin contact, etc. Is it really necessary for us to use protection for the NEXT YEAR, as my Dr. recommended? We are planning on getting married around the 1st of the year after I finish my degree. And quite frankly I don't want to have to if it isn't necessary.

I read in google that once you've been infected, there's no need to protect from eachother if it's the same sexual partner.

ask your GP though I'd say.

try not to worry too much